The Restaurant

Nestled in a bosky bower, with a view of the surrounding countryside, a unique place which looks out onto the aeronautic site, so symbolic of the “ville rose”, Toulouse.

Somewhere between tradition and innovation, this image of the South West gastronomy has created a perfect harmony between bright fresh and delicate cooking, and the setting, atmosphere and service.

This is where a talented Chef, Yannick Delpech, was formed. While very young he moved to Colomiers, where with a pastry training and self-taught cooking, he quickly gained recognition in the gastronomic world. He became the youngest Michelin starred chef of France, when he was awarded his first star in 2000. In 2008, he was awarded his second star.

In partnership with Sandrine Batard, they overcame their hardest challenge after a devastating fire destroyed their treasured restaurant on the night of August 27, 2011. They rebuilt it from the ashes.

The Amphitryon reopened on the 10th of May, 2012.



The canopy represents the world of AIR, where emotions and dreams are staged through light.

WATER is presented in the glass extension, looking out onto the vineyard. The lights are like pearls of sparkling dew, water colored blown glass drops hang from the ceiling, and a fountain mirror gives sound to the image.

Sharing, nature and touch are the key-words of the EARTH space with its wood lounge and oak wall sculpture.

The fireplace room is the place of FIRE. Feel a creative energy thanks to the warm colors, handcrafted metal consoles.

Réalisation Seb Houis, mai 2011